What is Software Quality Assurance and Why It’s Important in Software Development?

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Different ways help to understand how well a software behaves and software quality assurance is top of them. At first, you will observe the physical aspects of it. Moreover, there will be internal aspects. But beyond this, there is one key factor that performs effectively. In general, the word quality goes by it. But in a wide understanding, quality divides into assurance and control further. 

Without quality procedures and processes, it is hard to estimate proper functioning of software. You cannot identify, solve, and save the software from errors and failures. Quality, in general, refers to the principles that determine how well a software behaves. It is a way of making the system or product error-free in nature. And it helps to remove the errors so your system runs perfectly. 

To understand the concept of quality, let us identify different sub-groups that go along. 

What is Software Quality Assurance?

Software Quality Control 

In general, software quality control is a set of several requirements which indicates if the software fulfills the standards that are set. Each product undergoes a control process when it is completed. Or sometimes when it is near to complete. 

Quality control is the process that helps you to form a high-quality software’s. Moreover, the same requirements improve the software quality. Many developers make use of QC. It is to identify errors that can arise and resolve them. 

The application of QC is wide in many ways. At first, there will be some demands so your software meets the requirements. Furthermore, you find a good problem-solver setup.

What is Software Quality Control

Software Testing 

Before we shift to quality assurance, there is something that joins QC and QA. In essence, you will find that quality assurance has good importance in testing. Or you can say that QA makes use of testing alongside QC to make sure that the software is error-free

In software development, testing means determining the quality of the product. It is a way to determine if the product has no errors in it or contains errors. Testing process also helps to remove these errors using good SQA tools. Testing helps in many ways. This is the process of testing codes and the design of the software. 

Testing steps can begin manually or physically according to the requirements. The testing happens through the QA team over time. For good software development, there is a special testing phase. Software development includes three types of testing processes.

  1. Grey Box 
  2. Black Box 
  3. White Box
What is Software Testing

Software Quality Assurance 

From quality control and testing, we move to a key area of concern. The importance is good for quality assurance. A major reason is that QA helps to maintain the quality of a software product. Once the product reaches the market, it needs maintenance over time. Often, this maintenance occurs through testing regularly. Either way, the QA team is responsible for this during this phase. 

Another important factor is present with QA side by side. It is that QA finds involvement in every phase of the software development. This involvement is not similar for QC and testing. In general, you can call the process to make sure the product works fine. 

QA helps in the following processes:

  • Requirement gathering 
  • Analysis 
  • Planning 
  • Designing 
  • Coding 
  • Development 
  • Testing 
  • Launch 

The Role of Software Quality Assurance 

Often people present software quality assurance as a third-party service. Or something that comes into the business under certain conditions. But is not true. A quality assurance team performs to remove the errors in the system. And in every phase of software development. It finds importance and uses in each phase to determine the quality. In addition, QA is the process to make sure that all quality parameters are completed. 

In software development, there is a key role of QA. It defines parameters for quality maintenance. But it also creates tests alongside scripts to improve product quality. This makes sure users get what they require. A quality assurance team has to perform tests manually or automatically. And the team also performs final testing before handing the software to the users. 

Quality Control vs. Quality Assurance 

For the readers, it is difficult to judge between QC and QA. Often, people mix them up and cannot find the true position of each. For them, this is an informative portion to consider the difference. 

  • Quality control means the testing activities that are set. QA works to make sure that the testing activities are completed. 
  • QC includes product-oriented activities. However, QA includes process-oriented activities. 
  • The process of QC is responsible for focusing on requirements regarding the products. In essence, the QA team has to focus on the steps of product development. 
  • Three processes have importance in the quality control process. These include inspecting, sampling alongside testing. Documentation, audit, control, management, etc. find a basis in quality assurance. 
  • In short, quality control works through a team and within it. But a quality assurance system involves the team and stakeholders. 

Importance of Quality Assurance in Software Development 

Finally, we reach the point where software development explains the importance of QA. There is a lot to discuss the use of quality assurance teams. Whether you are developing a mobile app or any other software product, QA has significant importance. In software development, there is not just quality assurance. In essence, many benefits come through this system. 

Importance of Quality Assurance

Save Resources 

For a software developer, the development of errors is good and a problem. For example, if the errors come up in the first process. It becomes easier to correct them after this. However, if they arise during the testing phase or after release. It is tough to remove the errors then. 

So, quality assurance makes sure you find good protection. At first, you will find it easy to manage the errors in a quick time. With proper systems such as QA, removing errors is easy and quick. Thus, you will save good time here. And since the identification is quick, the errors come up in a small quantity. Thus, you have to spend less on money. 

Maintain Product Quality 

Steps from one phase find importance at another place. This is how QC and QA work for a system or product with zero errors. From the basics, quality control provides you with the requirements to meet. And a QA team works for these requirements to keep the quality under the requirement. QA team is responsible to make sure that the product works in fine condition

But there is not everything QC can perform on its own. In essence, the QC process is necessary for giving you the basic requirements. Whereas a QA team has to work to implement and maintain them. Thus, if you have such a team, it will prove fruitful in product application.

Ensure Security 

Big platforms such as Facebook have to answer tough questions. These are regarding privacy policies. For a simple understanding, this refers to security. This security is in the form of useful and private data. And failure in these sectors gives trouble to the users. Thus, to avoid this, users look for a secure program or a system. Often, the best services do not guarantee safety for your data. Some error exists for the users to keep in mind. 

But with the use of software quality assurance methods, security is of good importance. In addition, people find the system with zero error in propagation. There is positivity in the safety of their data likewise. The team of QA works hard to consider security as a priority during development. And it performs testing to ensure there remain no errors. 

Protect Reputation 

Through your product, you need to present your brand and business. Thus, there is much to consider on your part in essence. But to maintain this position of yours, there is much to consider. One thing is the software developer you hire. And whether they include QA as a primary part. By releasing a flawless product and with much security, your brand image will go high. 

Thus, a QA team finds good importance here. It also makes sure that products carry the best quality. This is since the team works extensively to implement quality standards. And with a secure product, there is a lot to give to your customers. 

Customer Satisfaction 

At last, the requirement is to satisfy the end-user so they form a bond. But without a product that fulfills the needs, it is a tough job. The product must have the best features, zero errors, and fast functioning. And the role of quality assurance is nothing but this. That is, to ensure that customers find and obtain something of the highest quality

The QA team works hard to identify and establish quality parameters. Then, it works to ensure there remain no errors through successive testing. And finally, it works to maintain the quality over time. What the benefit is? Users receive products of good quality. 


In short, a quality assurance procedure is nothing short of a necessity. And in software development, the development procedure remains incomplete without it. With the functions, it performs, and with such professionalism, you find the best support. If you are planning to develop a software for your business then do not hesitate to contact Thoughtlabs to get quality software products.

Hence, considering the key benefits QA brings, can you think to release your product without it?

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