Why Flutter Is Becoming More Popular In 2022 For App Development

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It can be a hard task to minimize the importance of Flutter over the other techniques. Although often it becomes hard to predict and determine which techniques will remain important in internet world. In essence, often we do not consider the transition factors. From 2021, we have to retain app development as important in 2022. It is because such an industry is vast scope whichever way you consider it. If you own a business or a brand, it needs an application to improve its reach. Although your website is doing rounds it has to meet modern standards. 

In addition, often our interaction with the websites does not remain great. And while we access it through a mobile, the experience diminishes. Thus, it is better to view the brand from its app than from a website. And for many more reasons, you can use a great app. But making an app great comes through great app development software or platforms and one such platform is Flutter. Powered and engineered by Google, not much come close to this open-source app development platform. 

Flutter: A Brief Intro 

I will make sure the introduction remains brief but pardon me if it does not. It is because the topic of Flutter app development platform is vast and requires great attention. Every year, we experience multiple lagging and furnishing through applications we use. Often we send our replies in what needs to be done and what feels great. Through this response, an app extends us new features or closes permanently. 

It is because the app runs on poor aspects a lot:

  • Apps undergo poor testing mechanisms and this fails miserably 
  • The features that clients love and want to experience a lag in such apps 
  • Often the apps do not provide uniqueness and lack their originality 
  • The technology on hand is poor or outdated 

Originally launched by Google in 2017, Flutter is not an old-runner in the world of app development. However, every new or old business needs to adapt to modern trends. Without such a modification, there is no way anything it produces will reach the highs. Hence, Flutter can be seen on the scene offering its users some great features. 

Why To Use Flutter For App Development: In General!

In terms of mobile technology, it is easier to explain and grasp. A single person carries an IOS and an Android operative one. These devices and their UIs differ a lot. But Flutter does not want to hear this diversity. Hence, Flutter platform offers you the ability to develop apps for both these devices. And that too through a codebase that operates singularly. A programmer has heard about Software Development Kit or SDK. Such a kit refers to the arsenal that contains various tools to develop an app. And thus, the platform offers you them all. In essence, the best features of this platform are APIs that help to test in addition to integrate your apps and offer you loads of widgets. A few additional incentives are what we all love to see. Hence, these tiny additions make it a great hit!

The Importance of Mobile Development 

It can be a bad idea to overcrowd the read with everything about Flutter. We have a lot for a newcomer. If you want to begin or pursue the field of app development. You have already had a great idea. In 2022, the world of app development will be no short of significance. And hence, we have listed down some huge benefits that lie in the mobile development world.


To begin with app development benefits, it is necessary to consider the impact it has whether it’s designed and developed with flutter or not. According to a random stat, it is depicted that mobile app downloads were around 6.95 billion in 2020. In 2021, it is to reach around 7.1 billion and by 2025, it will reach 7.49 billion. These huge numbers may mean nothing to an ordinary user. But for the people in the business, it shows a healthy trend. 


Once you develop an app for your business, you have made a good leap. It is because accessing apps for useful information is easier than websites. In essence, for a seller or a business, it is easier to manage an app too. Moreover, the platforms such as Play Store by Google and App Store by Apple also provide accessibility to great extents. Hence, once you launch your app, you open a door to a world of great possibilities and accessibilities.


There is no doubt that a website offers additional reach for brands and businesses. Initially, it was only physical shops that will sell you the products. Then the world saw the advent of websites and it is a great initiative to date. Now, the apps are hitting the markets every day, and thus the reach increases. The sellers now have more reach to the users. And thus through a good app, your business is always at the brink of expansion. 


In addition, reach, and apps also increase your business’s recognition. Once its reach increases through an app, its recognition also increases. Although a major credit goes to the app developers in this regard. A good and attractive app will attract more eyes only. If the app does not look good, it will never achieve the necessary recognition. 


Often businesses operate only through an app or a website. This helps immensely when trying to save cost or if there is a low starting budget. In this regard, an app features more than a website. At first, an app remains the same on the mobile and a PC. Thus, you do not have to pay more to have a system custom-built for PC and mobiles. 

App development businesses offer many more incentives to the developers and users likewise. However, the few ones above are enough to stimulate interest. 

Flutter Popularity: The Perfect Ten! 

Let us get back to Flutter and do not run away. Above, we provided you with the necessary benefits and importance of app development in general. But now, it is about Flutter popularity and what it has on offer in a wider perspective. 

Swift Development 

Consider two scenarios in your life. At once, you make an upgrade in your life. However, you do not experience the effects of the upgrade instantly. Thus, you tend to question if the upgrade was necessary. Many app development platforms do not provide rapid access to changes or upgrades and this is where Flutter shines. Its UI design and nature in general offer you to introduce development and changes easily. However, in essence, the user gets their hands on the changes immediately. 

Google Backing 

Having the back of a top developer is what sells faster. Consider it from the example of Instagram. It was just a platform initially for uploading images and interacting through stories. But once it came on the scene that it is developed by Facebook, the demand grew. It shows even good apps also require a fine backing to make their mark. The same goes for Flutter that is a development of Google. And a good backing also brings some great features such as SDK. 

Singular Codebase 

Easiness is the top priority of all. In addition, you will find a swift application sell and reach more crowd. It is because people love to experience things that do not require hard work. But the developers love easiness too. A developer loves to build on a singular foundation. The best aspect surrounding the Flutter platform is that there is no requirement for multi-coding. All you will need is a single code to produce an app for the two best platforms i.e. App Store and Google Play. Thus, through a single same foundation, you can develop apps for different platforms. 

Easy on the Pocket 

The world is observing great levels of inflation through the pandemic. If you are a current owner or a new entrant. Your app has to do rounds of promotions. But at first, it needs development. Hence, a platform that is easy on the pocket will be the best fit for you. Flutter is great when it comes to the economic factor. And there is a sound base for this claim. It is because this platform uses a single code, thus allowing you to develop apps on two different marketplaces.  


For some, it is good to shop differently and directly. Whereas for some, it is ideal and beneficial to shop in a bundle. In short, you can call bundle shopping a bundle packing that contains multiple products in itself. These packages offer a quick grabber a swift purchase. In addition, a package is great for discount shopping. Hence, many apps that use Flutter have to provide some fine feedback. For example, PostMuse which is a great Instagram editing app works on Flutter. The developers say that Flutter was offering some exquisite packages in terms of widgets. 

Additional Animations and Widgets 

Tweaking and additions always provide an incentive to the users. It helps them include something unique in their apps. However, sometimes platforms do not offer you pre-built additions. And thus, you have to contact a third-party supplier for them. But platforms such as Flutter offer you some great pre-built additions

These include animations that the developers can incorporate into their applications easily. Moreover, an app development platform just wants to consider the developing aspects. But Flutter has a good set of widgets for you too. Hence, alongside animations, you can use a wide variety of widgets for your app as well. 

High Performance 

When you sail on different boats, you have to be smart and skillful. If you do not abide by modern rules and speed, you will lag a lot and eventually fail. Many developers question the integrity in terms of the performance of various app developers. But when Flutter is the headline, performance is key. It can be partly due to the backing of Google which will speak of huge volume. But the platform has a great way to provide great use. The best thing about the speed factor is equal high performance on both iOS and Android. 


Dart language is what Flutter implements in its web development kit. Moreover, the platform is easy to operate through this language for the user. The coding becomes easy and in a secure manner. This makes the following app development platform high performing in comparison to other similar platforms. 

Favoring Social Networking 

In modern times, the importance and abundance of social networking apps are increasing. It is because people love to engage on these platforms. They find a great way to interact with the people and shift to marketplaces in a single go. But these opportunities do not come easy and require a good user base. However, a good user base will only go to a platform that has high performing database. And Flutter is the best and significant choice for that. 


At last, every web and app development revolves around the language it favors. There are some standard reasons to choose Dart language over others i.e. Java Script etc. Flutter uses Dart for the same superior reasons. At first, Dart has to offer more security in comparison to other languages. In addition, debugging is easy in the following language thus favoring the developers a lot. In essence, the operating speed is immense for Dart as well. Hence, through the use of this language, there is a lot you can do!

Flutter: The Final Summary 

Your business needs a spark since the pandemic. From physical selling to websites, there is not much you can improvise. But to move ahead, try to improve your business selling sense. For this, a great app will do the trick for you and https://thoughtlabs.be/ can assist you to get an app for your business.

But before you go, here is a short recap of all the top benefits of Flutter.

  • It is a single codebase development platform 
  • Being open-source, it has the backing of Google since they make it 
  • Flutter uses a highly secure language i.e. Dart 
  • A superb feature allows developers to make a change easily and the users to see it instantly 
  • A high-performance development platform with excellent speed 
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